Animated Explainer Video Company

Video is the best way to engage with your Audience!

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a informative video created with the use of info graphics, illustrations & animation. The purpose of creating an explainer is to educate the targeted audience about a specific concept, product idea or a service.

Research studies indicate, that 88% of Internet users, stay longer on websites with videos & it is also the best way to get more clients and more revenue for your business.

So, if you have a product idea or a story that needs to be communicated to your target audience then our team of motion graphic designers can convert your video idea into reality. So, what are you waiting for. Contact us today! 

How we create Animated Explainer Videos

1. Project Understanding

The first step is to discuss the project requirements in detail, identify goals, Discuss about the messaging strategy and align the project based on client.

2. Script writing

In this step we create a voice over narration script based on the information gathered and the overall communication objectives discussed in the earlier step.

3. Story board

In this step we create the scenes & storyboard based on the approved script so you can see what will be happening on screen throughout the video.

4. Voice over

In this step we record a voice over for the video according to the script. The voice is finalized based on client preferences such as - age, gender, voice format etc.

5. Illustration

Here, we select a design theme & illustration style based on the scenes in the video. With the right foundation in place, we design all of the assets needed for the project.

6. Animation

In this step we develop all the animations & visual effects based on the script, design elements, creative direction, and mood of the video.

7. Music & Sound Effects

In this step we provide you with a few music options to choose from. Upon selecting the music & sound effects it is then finally added to the video.

8. Project Delivery

In this step you review the project and see if any changes are required. Based on your inputs revisions are made to the video and final files are prepped for project delivery.

How Videos Complement Marketing Initiatives

Explainer Videos Boost Conversion Rates

Videos are informative & also entertaining to watch. They boost conversions by giving people an inside look at the products and services offered by your brand.

Internet users Trust Videos

Video creation requires a significant time & money, so consumers tend to trust websites with videos. This goes a long way in earning their trust. Hence, video marketing is getting more popular amongst brands that are looking to stay ahead of their competition. 

People like to Share Videos

Video is the media that people like to share. Look at any social platform such as Facebook or Instagram to see the how videos are shared & recommended by users. Hence, Vidoes play a major role in social media campaign as they are more likely to be shared by users.

Videos promote Storytelling

Videos is best way to tell a story and share an experience with your audience. When communicated correctly, videos trigger an emotional response, so you get better engagement.